Water Based Moisturizer: The Best Moisturizing Solution for Dry and Sensitive Skin

As you grow into age, your skin will need moisturizers more to keep your skin fresh and young looking. Moisturizers can do a lot of good for your skin tones, protect your sensitive skin and hide skin imperfections. But not all moisturizers will do for your sensitive skin. Water based moisturizer remains the best solution for such type of skin.

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Your skin type and moisturizers to use

Not all moisturizers will do on your skin. You will have to check its ingredients.  Mostly, moisturizers contain a mix of emollients, which holds moist in, humectants and a lot more ingredients. In choosing the best moisturizer to use, you have to know your skin type. Your age and your vulnerability to acne breakout is a great consideration, too, in choosing the moisturizer to apply on your facial skin.

The following general guidelines about your skin type will help you on this quest:

1.       Dry skin

Oil-based moisturizer that contains dimethicone will help hydrate your skin. If your skin is very dry and you can see cracking, a petrolatum based moisturizers for the skin will do the trick in keeping it hydrated.

2.       Oily skin

It doesn’t mean that you already have an oily skin you don’t need to moisturize it. It is likely that you will be using products that will remove excess oils. These products will cause your skin to dry. Just use light moisturizer after you wash your face to keep it hydrated and to refresh itNoncomedogenic water based moisturizer for face that will not block pores will help you moisturize your facial skin especially if you are prone to acne breakouts as most oily skins are. Avoid silicone based foundations that are made to block pores to create smooth finishes on the face.

3.       Normal skin

This means that you have a natural balance dry and oily skin. To keep the balance, you need to use moisturizer that is not greasy. Light water based face moisturizer will keep your facial skin fresh looking. You can also use products with cyclomethicone, a silicone derived ingredient or cetyl alcohol ingredient, to hydrate your skin.

4.       Sensitive skin

If you develop rashes easily or you find your skin gets irritated with stuff you apply on it, then you have a sensitive skin. The more you need to be careful with your moisturizers and its ingredients as it would be prone to itching or redness. Water based moisturizer is a good start when searching for products to hydrate your skin. Other things to check are other ingredients that do not irritate the skin such as aloe or chamomile. It is best to avoid moisturizers with acids.

Regardless of what skin type you have, as you mature, you will feel more dryness on your skin as your glands that produce oil are no longer as active as before when you were younger. It is advisable to keep your skin well hydrated. You can use oil or petrolatum based moisturizers with ingredients such as apha hydroxyl acids and antioxidants to keep wrinkles at bay and prevent scaly skin.

The Best Water Based Face Moisturizer

What makes water based great?

  • Fits most of skin types, even dry skin. Of course, sensitive and oily skin will benefit the most as water based does not trigger break out or irritations, given the moisturizer don’t have too much fragrance in it.
  • Light on the skin. Makeup or primers such as water based foundation are light and comfortable as they don’t feel greasy. This goes the same with moisturizers too.
  • Absorbs quickly on your skin. If you are on the go and has no time to wait, water based fits your skin best.


How to choose your water based moisturizer

  • Experiment. Try brands with different ingredients that will be good for your skin type.
  • Sunscreen. It is best to select a moisturizer that can also protect your skin from the sun.
  • Don’t squander. Expensive brands do not mean it is effective. Still check the ingredients.
  • Perfect timing. Moisturize after bath as you will likely use products that will cause your skin to dry.
  • Moisturize your body. Moisturizers do not apply on your skin alone. You can use a water based hair moisturizer to keep your hair healthy and shiny.


Water based moisturizer is an excellent choice to keep your skin hydrated and fresh looking especially if you have oily or sensitive skin.


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