Staying All Natural with Organic Makeup

Who says if you have to look good, natural will not do? With today’s technology, going green and looking great can be achieved on applying organic makeup. Seeing how Mother Nature gets the blunt on producing synthetic products, you can help out by just looking great. Not to mention that in using natural organic makeup, you keep your skin young and healthy looking.

All About The Best Natural and Organic Makeup

What’s good about organic ingredients?

As your largest organ, the skin will be able to absorb a lot of things that may harm not only the surface but inside your body, as well. Chemicals from the makeup you apply on it will likely cause a lot of side effects you are not aware of. Organic ingredients on your makeup will not only help Mother Nature but your total well being.

Here are more benefits you might not be aware of in using organic makeup:

  • Tender on your skin. Its natural ingredient doesn’t contain allergens that will irritate your already sensitive skin.
  • Safe for acne breakout prone face. Its ingredients don’t clog your pores or cause your oil producing glands to go overdrive.
  • It has no paraben ingredient. This ingredient is found mostly on your usual cosmetics and is said to have a side effect on your body if exposed for a long time. Some of the side effects of paraben are hormonal disruption, premature skin aging and DNA damage.
  • Environment and animal friendly. Its manufacturers do not need to use animals as their test subject that often harm them, if not kill them. And as there is no chemical ingredient, they will not be pollutants if they are disposed of.

Shop For Natural Organic Makeup

Organic makeup brands you can check out in the market

Here some of the best organic makeup and natural cosmetics brands you can check in the market today.

  • Physicians Formula. Its products can be found in drugstores. Consumer’s favorite is its Tinted moisturizer. The brand make use of botanicals ingredients such as shea butter, avocado, seed oil, sunflower and jojoba seed oil, among others.
  • Origins. One of the first brands producing organic makeup. They are known for their long lasting fragrances.
  • Sephora. Yes, Sephora also has organic and 100% natural cosmetic products. You can try their natural and all other organic cosmetics line.
  • Ecco Bella. Known for producing 100% organic products free of preservatives, water, gluten and dyes.
  • Lavera. A German company for skin care and mineral makeup products. Lavera’s water based foundation, the compact and liquid foundation, is among the consumer’s favorites.
  • Pure and True. The charitable all organic cosmetic brand known for giving money to charity institutions.
  • SukiColor. Suki is known for its skin care cosmetics but it also has their organic cosmetics line. One of the consumer’s favorites is their Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio.
  • Bare Mineral. Best known for their great coverage foundation where acne prone consumers love to use on their face.

Be nice to animals; take care of the environment; keep your skin and total well being; apply only organic makeup and natural cosmetic products on your skin.

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