Get All Set Quickly With Spray Foundation

Getting ready for the day is not as messy as a cakey foundation anymore now that spray foundation is here. You just have to spray evenly all over your face and you are ready to go. With its revolutionary thin layer foundation, your face will feel and stay fresh for hours.

Professional Spray Makeup Foundation

What are the benefits?

You are happy with your solid foundation. Why would you try the spray on foundation?

Spray ons are great for quick fix make up. You can actually wear it single-handedly, literally. Aside from not needing another extra hand for applying it, you can get a lot of good things from it like:

  • Your face feels light because spray makeup foundation are thin and fluidy. You can feel your skin breathing through it. It feels like you are not wearing any makeup at all.
  • It does not spoil your shirt. If you are worried about your white collar while on the job, you don’t have to think about that with spray ons.
  • It does not smudge when wet. You can run under the rain and still look fabulous when you reach under a roof.


What are the downsides?

When before you finally decide on buying your own spray foundation makeup, here are the things you have to be cautious of:

  • It is scary. You have to admit it. Perhaps, the first reaction you had on the first time you heard about spray on makeup would be, “That’s weird!” Spraying on your face gives you a shock even if you are the one doing it. You may experience this “shock” on the first or second time. Eventually, you will get used to it.
  • It is expensive. Admittedly, the quality water based foundation are more expensive than the solid foundations. They can even amount to almost a hundred USD. Who would buy such price for foundation? If you are after the name and the quality, you will realize that the extra amount is all worth it.
  • It does not stay long. This characteristic is not true for all brands. There are high quality brands that can keep you looking fresh for as long as 6 hours a day.
  • It does not apply evenly if you do not practice first. It requires skillful hand to create an even and thin layer.


Discover Spray Foundation Makeup

How do you apply spray foundation evenly?

You got to have a quick hand and a quick eye that checks on even application. Otherwise, creases and wrinkles won’t get the nice amount of foundation you want them to have. Here are some useful techniques:

  • Use a head band to cover your hairline and hair.
  • Have a few sprays while moving your hands around your face as you spray.
  • Relax your face. Even if you feel so scared of the anticipated shock, relax the muscles of your face to have even application.
  • Wait for a few seconds to dry before you put on your eyes shadows and blush.
  • Wear a confident face and you are all set.

For busy women who do not have time for makeup, spray foundation is the answer to get that no-mess freshened up look.

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