FYI: What Every Girl Should Know About Silicone Based Foundation

It is not a small feat for a woman to choose the best foundation for her skin. You will not only think about skin tones and its appropriate foundation colors, you will also have to consider the type of skin you have – if you have dry, oily or mix among others. And this is not to mention if you have sensitive skin. The most basic thing you need to know is whether silicone based foundation, oil based foundation or the popular water based foundation will work best for you.

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Getting to Know Silicone Based Foundation Better

This foundation is exactly what it’s called, silicone based because silicone is its main ingredient. This is best used when you plan to apply smoothing or shining agent on your face and as a foundation or as a primer. The silicone based foundation primer main function is to even out the facial skin tones and lines to create a perfect canvas in which you can apply the rest of the makeup on. This type of foundation is applied as cream or as liquid using a sponge, a brush or airbrush or fingers.

The type of foundation is perfect for women who have dry to normal skin. Women with oily skin should not use this kind of foundation because the silicone ingredient, as a sealant, holds the moisture in, preventing moisture loss which, in turn, will make the face look oilier. Also, take into mind that silicone foundation traps the moisture underneath the skin; therefore, you need to wash your face at the end of the day after using it.

Common Ingredients

There are two main types of foundation that are silicone based and they are as follows:

  • Cyclomethicone – Produces a smooth and shine effect
  • Dimethicone – Mostly used as moisture sealant that prevents moisture loss

A lot of cosmetic manufacturers, regardless of brands, make use of dimethicone, trimethylsiloxysilicate, cyclopentasiloxane and silica form of silicone in their products. High end brands such as Smashbox, Makeup ForEver HD and MAC will most definitely have the most sought after, if not the best silicone based foundation.

However, the foundation’s capability of producing fine lines effect has its downside side. As the foundation will fill out your pores to achieve smoothness on your facial skin, there is a likelihood of Acne breakout even if you wash your face after use. Some people with sensitive skin are likely allergic to fragrance and talc, ingredients that are often present in a silicone foundation. However, there are brands such as Cover FX and Clinique foundations that are silicone based that are good for people with sensitive skin. If all things fail with your sensitive skin, then a foundation that is water based is a good alternative. You can also try powder foundation with mineral makeup.

Find The Perfect  Silicone Based Foundation Brands

More Silicone Based Foundation to Check Out

Here are some more good silicone base foundation brands in the market you can check out.

  • Korres’ Quercetin
  • Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12
  • Urban Decay’s Naked Skin
  • Benefit’s Hello Flawless and Porefessional
  • Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Teint Touche
  • Laura Mercier’s Silk Crème
  • Revlon’s Colorstay
  • Rimmel’s London Lasting Finish
  • Loreal’s True Match


For fine line effect and smoothness on a facial skin, silicone based foundation is the best solution.

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