Taking a Closer Look into Water Based Foundation

Foundation is an important step in applying makeup as it gives a woman a polished look, especially if it is water based foundation. This type of foundation is quite popular for different skin types and a popular choice for women of different ages. When a foundation is described as water based it means that the basic ingredient used is water but some other ingredients such as oil or even an emollient slip agent are also present. Most times, water based foundation makeup is sold in form of a liquid that is thick and slowly pours out of the bottle in which it has been stored.

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The best skin type for water based foundation is normal and dry skin same with the silicone based foundation, which can be worn with or without moisturizer. The best moisturizers to use when wearing this type of foundation are those that contain SPF so that the final look will be perfect.  Blending the foundation on the face is made much easier because of the presence of oil which makes it move easily. Although using foundation that is water based is not recommended for oily skin, there are a number of companies that have water based foundation for oily skin in their collection that ensure that the face does not have a lot of shine.

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How to apply water based foundation

Finding the best water based foundation is only the first step towards achieving flawless makeup as the application process is also equally important. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of the steps to be followed when applying the foundation, and they basically include the following:

  • First, it is important to prepare the face by washing it with a cleanser or a water based moisturizer, rinsing it well and then patting it dry. The washing removes any dirt that might have been on the face and allows the skin pores to breathe as well. After drying the face, apply a light moisturizer which should cover the whole face and reduces the chances of caking during the day.


  • Second, select the right application tool that will be used when applying the foundation that is water based. The best tool is a sponge that is damp, and can be prepared in advance by wetting it, then wringing it out to remove any excess water before starting the application process.


All About Water Based Foundation For Oily Skin

  • Third, pour some of the water based foundation on the sponge and dab on forehead, right at the center. Using short but brisk strokes draw the foundation outward in every direction resulting in the sunburst effect.  This process will go on from the nose center and the chin to reach other parts of the face until the foundation is blended in well.  It should blend in so well that it cannot be detected on the skin covering the face.


  • Finally, in areas where the foundation cannot adequately cover a discoloration or even a blemish, a concealer  can be applied to make the face look flawless.


Long Wearing Water Based Foundation Makeup

Finding the perfect foundation

As you go about finding the perfect foundation that is water based, you will realize that it might require a bit of testing a number of brand names. However, as soon as you get one that works, it will change your look for the better.

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